For the most part, entering grades via ISIS is fairly straightforward. Log in, as you would for submitting attendance, and click on the 1 GRADES tab.

You'd think that the 2 grading period automatically gets set, but it doesn't. There are 4 grading periods in a semester - set it to whichever one is appropriate. (It defaults to 1, so you shouldn't have to worry about this for the first grading period.)

If you try to enter grades on a day when there are no classes (such as a weekend or holiday) you probably will not see any of your classes listed. You can change this by setting the 3 Term Code. AF is fall, AS is for spring.

Once you select a class, you will see a list similar to your attendance list. If you click on the (Edit) button at the bottom of the page, you will get fields for academic grade, work habits, and cooperation. There should also be fields to allow comments. If they are not visible, you'll need to set the 4 grading period association.(again!)

Academic grade is fairly straightforward - it should be an indication of how well the students have absorbed the standards. For the first grading period, the submission is a progress report, rather than a report card. This means that you only need to submit Ds, Fs, and Us (for Work Habits and Cooperation.) For the first grading period only, you may use an M as an academic grade if they are passing, and you do not feel that you have enough information to accurately assess their competency.

Work habits is just that - attendance and tardies, bringing materials, neatness and organization, timely completion and submission of assignments.

Cooperation is how well they behave. It is very possible for students to get a good grade with bad work habits or cooperation, likewise a cooperative student that never talks back and completes every assignment may still not understand the material.

Use the comments to indicate additional information. The list of comment codes is available by clicking on the 5 question mark. If the student is getting a D or F, I recommend marking a 12: Student is danger of failing/not meeting promotion standards. We are required by law to notify a parent if their child is in danger of failing before giving them a failing grade at the end of the semester - this satisfies that requirement. Do not bother using code 24 - you're much better off trying to set up a conference in person or through your counselor.

Once the grades are completely entered, you're not done yet. You need to print out a verification sheet, sign them, and turn them in at the office. To do this, select the REPORTS tab next to the GRADES tab indicated above. Then follow REPORTS->Grades->Teacher Verification of Marks and you'll see something like this:

You can leave most of the fields alone, but the two marked ones can be tricky: the 6 Term box has a scroll bar on the side - you'll have to scroll down to find the AF and AS entries (once again, for fall and spring respectively). Once you've set that, the completed 7 Grading Periods become available. Select the correct one of those, and hit the generate report button. It may take a while, especially if you're doing this at the same time as every other teacher in LAUSD. Once the page comes up, click on the PDF icon at the top (just like printing out your attendance verifications) and print them out. Sign each page, staple them together, and drop them off in the computer room across from the main office.

That's it! Good luck, and remember to complete this before the window closes - you won't have access anymore after that.