Entering class:

  1. I will enter the classroom promptly when I arrive. I will not loiter outside of class.
  2. I will not ask Mr. K questions during passing periods. If it is very important and must be addressed before class, I may wait quietly for Mr. K to notice me, and he will discuss it with me if he has the time.
  3. When I enter the class, I must be ready to start work. There will be no loud talking, running, or anything not related to getting ready to work.
  4. There will be a warm up assignment, or other instructions, up on the overhead when I enter the class. If I am not working when the bell rings, I will be tardy.

Being ready to work:

  1. Everything that is not supposed to be on my desk should be under my chair or desk. Backpacks, purses, clothing, or other such items should not be on the desk, or in the aisles between desks.
  2. At the beginning of class, my desk should have my assignment (if there was one) at the edge of the desk, my notebook opened to a fresh page, and a sharpened pencil. I may also have a pencil sharpener and eraser on my desk. Everything else should be put away.
  3. During class, the only additional things I should have on my desk are those things Mr. K. either hands out, or directs me to put out.

During class:

  1. I will stay focused on the class assignment at all times.
  2. I will refrain from behavior which might distract other students or Mr. K from the lesson.
  3. If I am having trouble understanding, I will think of questions which will help clarify what I don't understand.
  4. Mr. K will sometimes give me complex problems which may take a lot of time to figure out. I will not give up if I don't get an answer right away.

Talking during class:

  1. I will only talk in appropriate situations as directed by my teacher.
  2. Eyeballs/Click
  3. I will always be ready to explain my answer.

Sharpening pencils:

  1. I may not use the pencil sharpener. If I do not have my own pencil sharpener, I may raise my pencil and wait for Mr. K to sharpen it for me. It may take some time for Mr. K to get to my pencil, so it would be wise to have my own sharpener. I will make sure that it is one that will catch its own shavings.

Throwing away trash:

  1. I will not tear up or crumple paper in this class. If I do, Mr. K will assume that it will make a mess, and assign corresponding consequences.
  2. I do not need to throw away paper during class. If I have paper to recycle, I will keep the paper in my binder, and put the uncrumpled flat paper in the recycling box after I have been dismissed.
  3. I may not eat or drink in class, so I should have no food or drink containers to dispose of. If I cause a distraction with my water bottle, the class may lose its water privileges.

Getting Mr K's attention.:

  1. If I have something to say that I think is important for the whole class, I will raise an open hand and wait quietly. I will not call Mr. K's name, or make other noise.
  2. If I need my personal attention, I will raise a closed fist. Mr. K will come by when it is convenient for him.
  3. It may take some time to get to my request. If my question is not relevant to the current discussion, Mr. K will ignore it and move on.

Being excused from the classroom:

  1. I will not be excused from the classroom for any reason. I will make sure that I use the bathroom during breaks.
  2. If there is an emergency, I will raise a closed fist. When Mr. K has time, he will let me quietly explain what the emergency is, and if he decides it sufficient, he will let me go. I will make up twice as much time as I was out of class plus 5 minutes during lunch detention.

End of class:

  1. I will remain seated, with my back pack off, until I am dismissed.
  2. I will make sure the area around my desk is clean.
  3. Putting away my materials before I have completed my assignment will result in a late dismissal.
  4. If I am dismissed before the bell rings, I will line up quietly outside the room, behind the other people who were dismissed before me.


  1. During tests, I will stay seated and quiet until everyone finishes the test.
  2. If it even looks like I am cheating, I will lose points. I will make sure to keep my eyes on my desk, and stay quiet.

Announcements over the PA:

  1. No matter what is going on in class, I will be quiet for P.A. announcements.
  2. Even if the announcements do not pertain directly to me, I will be quiet.

Mr. K's desk, closets, and computers:

  1. Are all off limits unless Mr. K tells me to do something with them. If I ask, the answer is automatically no.
  2. If I am supposed to be out of my seat, I will still respect that these items are off limits.


  1. I will treat other students and teachers with respect, both in class and out of class.
  2. I will not demand respect. I will give it to others.
  3. I am not a good judge of my own behavior. I will not argue with Mr. K. about whether my behavior is appropriate or not.
  4. I am a good judge of my own emotions. If I feel that Mr. K or another student has treated me poorly, I will discuss it with him outside of class time.